Website Development

Design... Check! Now how do we develop this into a website?

Website Development is about converting your website design into a working, fully functional website. This process needs to be well thought out and planned in order to achieve a high quality and compliant website across all web browsers.

Ensuring that your website developer has the required skill level and can do this quick and efficiently is vital to your next project being a success.

Website Design

A well built and compliant website also helps search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Windows Live gain a better understanding on what you are about and what you are trying to achieve. "Spaghetti Coded" websites perform poorly in Search Engines as (In laymans terms) they cant tell the difference between your headings and content.

At DSS Digital we have many tools to ensure your project is built and delivered on time and be of a high standard. We do this using Job Tracking and Task Managemt systems as well as solid and proven codebases backed by a powerful Content Management System.

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