Our Approach

How do we create online experiences that our clients and their audience enjoy using?

We asked ourselves a question:

"How do we create online experiences that our clients and their audience enjoy using?"

In our pursuit of finding the answer, we decided to move away from off the shelf Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our Reasoning

There are many limitations imposed on how you organize your website. Websites generally look similar and it quickly becomes expensive if you wish to create something unique

System Updates:
Updates are problematic. We have experienced breaking changes causing some 3rd party plugins to stop working. Updating can result in hug effort (and cost)

Most CMS run on PHP which is an old programming language. It is not made to scale well and therefore gets slower whilst growing (plugins, content and visitor number)

User Content:
A one size fits all approach to managing your content feels like you need "tricks" or to "make do" with it. This can result in frustration, sub-standard publishing and lots of wasted time

Our Answer

After extensive research, we decided to use a system based on React

React is developed and maintained by Facebook. It is scalable, secure and we use it in tandem with Amazon Web Services which is the worlds most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform

It is fast, scalable and we can handle massive visitor spikes whilst keeping hosting fees low

We implement your handmade design and no templates. We have everything prepared to grow in the future and extend the functionality

If you would like to update your content, we use our own CMS. We build it to what is required for your project keeping it lightweight, flexible and easy to extend

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